My name is Ellen and I have been using trickle nets for the last 2 months for my boy.

He is called Aiden (Mister Bourbon) and is an 11 year old 17hh, Irish Draught x Thoroughbred. We have been competing at novice level dressage and I was about to start competing BD and elementary. I had a lesson with my instructor Dannie Morgan on Saturday 18th July he was amazing and felt the best he ever has! Sunday morning, I got him out of his stable and he could barely walk he was so crippled vet came out straight away and thought it was laminitis. We treated him like a laminitis box rest, thick bed, soaked hay etc. He life changed dramatically within 24 hrs.

The Vet came out to reassess on the following Thursday, x-rays and bloods were taken. the bloods came back showing he was borderline Cushing’s and had Equine Metabolic Syndrome. His x-rays showed no laminitic changes, but his pedal bones were not at the right degree.

The plan going forward was box rest and weight loss. Aiden has always been a good doer and always carried weight but with his breeding he is chunky. We believe that he must of weighed over 620kg at this time and from then on we have measured him weekly with a weigh tape and started him on 1.5% of the body weight he should be (560kg) of soaked hay per 24hrs. We split this into 4 nets, but he was eating it sooooo quickly! We didn’t know what to do. Then someone suggested trickle nets. Now he is a big horse but due to the fact he is only getting 8.4kg of dry hay per 24 hrs we brought 2 of the mini nets. Aiden got to grips with eating out of them very quickly although he does have an argument with the occasionally. We now have 4 mini nets which he eats out of the whole time and over the past 2 months he has lost weight he now weighs 565kg! He has lost around 80kg!

He had a vet check a couple of weeks ago and the vet is happy with his weight and he is now allowed to have grass but a short amount of time a day. He is also now back under saddle and we have a 2-month rehab programme to follow!

I cannot thank you enough trickle net for how you have helped save my horse!!!! I would highly recommend you nets to everyone they are so strong and a boredom fixer too.

I will continue to use these nets for ever!



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