Chloe Shepherd purchased Plunky as a 4 year old. She is a 13.2hh Welsh cross with a big character! Over the years Chloe and Plunky had great fun competing in local Showjumping, Dressage and Hunter trials. They also hacked for miles with friends and enjoyed building quite a bond together. Though Plunky is very independent and can be quite bolshy, she’s a real people pony and loves cuddles and attention.


In 2017 Plunky became lame. After months of rest and vet tests, she was diagnosed with arthritis in both hocks. Along with the steroid injections to her hocks, the vet recommended she lose 90kg. At her first weigh in she was 420kg. Chloe had always struggled to keep Plunky’s weight down, as she was a very good doer. Plunky was put on a strict diet, with 5kg soaked hay per day. She was also diagnosed with Equine Metabolic Syndrome. She had suffered with laminitis in the past, so with the extra weight and reduced movement on box rest she was at very high risk of the laminitis returning. Chloe began to research different ways to keep her occupied in the stable, as making her rationed hay last any length of time was very difficult. Even with double netting, Plunky could hoover up her 5kg ration far too quickly and was then left for long periods with nothing to eat. A friend recommended they try Trickle Nets, as she had great success when using them for a horse with stomach ulcers.

Chloe purchased 2 Trickle Net Mini’s which hold 4kg each, and immediately found using these was a game changer in Plunky’s management. Chloe says ‘ Since purchasing the Trickle Nets 2 years ago we haven’t looked back. Plunky is now happily retired due to arthritis. She’s the right weight and is able to go out and enjoy her retirement coming in to a Trickle Net which keeps her busy throughout the night. Without Trickle Nets, my Plunky would be stabled permanently. Trickle Nets enable Plunky to enjoy her grass and still have a good net to come into. She now weighs 356kg which keeps her arthritis comfortable. Thank you Trickle Net!’

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