Using weigh tapes. Are they accurate?

We probably all have at least one weigh tape kicking around somewhere,…
5th July 2021/by Ollie Gillyon

Topline mythology. A letter to Karen, the Facebook equine guru.

Karen, I know you mean well. I saw you giving out advice again,…
21st May 2021/by Ellen Chapman

Track Systems – What are they?

Track systems have become the new “buzz” word in the horse…
15th April 2021/by pippahawksfield

Considering your horses workload

‘but my horse is in work.’
We hear this a lot.
13th April 2021/by Ellen Chapman

Georgie and Harry’s Latest Update

Georgie and Harry's Latest Update
Hi everyone!

With the…
13th April 2021/by pippahawksfield

What is Forage Analysis – and how it can help?

 Are you feeding your horse a balanced diet?

5th April 2021/by Ellen Chapman

Calories or Sugar?

Should I be feeding forage with less calories or less sugar?

26th March 2021/by Ellen Chapman

Hay or Haylage?

Hay versus Haylage - what's the difference?

This page…
26th March 2021/by Ellen Chapman

What is dry matter?

What is dry matter? Why does it matter to my horse?

26th March 2021/by Ellen Chapman

Paige & Mary Anne Client Success Story

Keeping control of a cobs weight is just as important as any other breed, but it's often overlooked or missed because they're expecting to be rounder.
15th March 2021/by pippahawksfield

Reflecting on three fantastic years of Your Horse Live

2020 would have marked our 4th year at YHL and while we are really…
9th November 2020/by pippahawksfield

Aiden and Ellen Client Success Story

My name is Ellen and I have been using trickle nets for the last…
14th October 2020/by pippahawksfield